News: Idaho Ron Paul Supporters Plan to Take Control of State Convention

Idaho Ron Paul Supporters Plan to Take Control of State Convention

Word out of Idaho is that the Ron Paul bloc in the Gem State's GOP, perhaps encouraged by recent events at the Nevada and Maine state Republican conventions, plans to attempt a similar strategy.

According to local media, many supporters of Ron Paul in Idaho are "so disgusted" with their man's third place finish in the Idaho caucus that they are anxiously engaged in righting that wrong.

How serious are the backers of the libertarian-leaning Texas Congressman? "I'll do the scorched earth if I have to," declared Ryan Davidson, third vice chairman of the Ada County Republican Party and a grassroots Paul campaign organizer.

The plan as it's been revealed is for the Paul camp to use state party rules to their advantage and wrest control of the GOP state convention in June through the accumulation of delegates in the little-publicized precinct committee meetings to be held statewide on May 15.

In a video posted to YouTube, Davidson boldly describes the scheme:

If two-thirds of the delegates to the Idaho State Convention are Ron Paul supporters, they can vote to suspend the rules, overturn the results of the caucus and award all the national delegates to Ron Paul.

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