News: TSA Brags About Confiscating Can Of Chicken Soup

TSA Brags About Confiscating Can Of Chicken Soup

Anyone who follows the TSA blog, run by "Bob", will know that from time to time the agency attempts to offset the ballooning negative public opinion directed towards it, and the openly criminal behaviour of its employees, by bragging about "dangerous" items that it has discovered and confiscated from the luggage and persons of those traveling through the nation's airports.

Another of these pathetic bragging blogs appeared this weekend, listing the discovery of a can of chicken soup as a success story.

You read correctly, billions in taxpayer dollars and unfettered power handed down to illiterate minimum wage thugs is resulting in the prevention of Americans from smuggling tasty broth aboard airplanes.

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success... is a dish best served... dumb. EEEYEAAAAAAOOOW!

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