News: A Questionable Position

A Questionable Position

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton lashed out against Russia and China after a meeting in Tunis. The meeting aimed to increase pressure on Syria to stop its bloodshed. Hillary represents the US as an ally for the rebels.

Russia and China vetoed a UN Security Council resolution to condemn Assad. Hillary said: "They are setting themselves against the aspirations not only of the Syrian people, but of the entire Arab Spring, the Arab awakening. It's quite distressing to see two permanent members of the Security Council using their veto when people are being murdered. It is just despicable. And I ask, 'Whose side are they on?' They are clearly not on the side of the Syrian people."

But here are the facts:

  1. Russia and China are allies of Syria
  2. When Israel wanted to bomb Gaza, the US voted for it, and even gave military aid to accomplish this goal.
  3. 18 Palestinians were killed and 60 wounded in the five days of the bombing.

4.  Another intervention by the US will cost billions of dollars more

As long as such inconsistencies exist, the US will have no credibility. Granted, a great many people are being killed, but the US must step up its game.

News in a nutshell:

Nelson Mandela hospitalized; underwent hernia surgery.

2 US soldiers killed in Afghanistan

Osama Bin Laden's compound being demolished

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