News: International Sanctions

International Sanctions

Due to the recent developments in Iran and the westernized world, I would like to talk a little about sanctions. There are several kinds of sanctions:

  • Diplomatic Sanctions: the reduction or removal of diplomatic ties, such as embassies.
  • Economic Sanctions: typically a ban on trade, with certain exceptions (such as food and medicine)
  • Military Sanctions: military intervention
  • Sport Sanctions:preventing a country's people and teams from competing in international events

Lets go more in-depth.

Diplomatic Sanctions

  • Diplomatic Sanctions are a way of showing ones disapproval to another country/nation due to: Actions it has taken / Decisions it has made.
  • They usually do not include economic and military use.
  • Some examples: limitations/cancelling governmental visits, withdrawing diplomatic relations with staff.

Economic Sanctions

  • More broad use: imposing duties on imports, blocking export of certain goods, or even a full naval blockage (ex: Cuba, Iraq).
  • This is whats happening in Iran right now.

Military Sanctions

  • Rage from targeted military strikes to degrading a nations conventional capabilities.
  • Arms embargo: cutting off supplies of arms

Sport Sanctions

  • Sport sanctions go in deeper than you think. They crush morale of the country.
  • Used as psychological warfare

So considering the sanctions Iran is being put through right now, take a moment to think about what they're facing.

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