News: Clinton meets with Gulf nations over missile defense

Clinton meets with Gulf nations over missile defense

The Obama administration is moving to strengthen its ties with Persian Gulf nations whose geography and oil resources have already made them key players in U.S. defense and energy security.

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton on Saturday will inaugurate a strategic dialogue with the six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council that the administration expects will ultimately lead to a coordinated, U.S-supplied regional missile defense system and increased stability in international oil markets.

Lets get this straight. Hillary Clinton is meeting with King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, the GCC's most powerful member and closest U.S. partner. Saudi Arabia is also the place where many of the so called 'terrorists' come from. In-fact, people with ties to 9/11 have been known to come from Sauri Arabia.

The U.S then lies that there is WMD's in Iraq, and now speculates that Iran is building nuclear weapons; also saying that Iran is where most of the terrorists come from. Contrary to this claim, neither the US nor Israel, supposedly the great ally of the US who is ready to kill their own and others to maintain power in the Middle East, have any proof that Iran is even building these weapons.

And now we are going and talking with Saudi Arabia? And we are possibly willing to give them a regional missile defense system to maintain stability? What kind of fallacy is this..

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